Pet&Bio is...

"A company that Speciallizing in Pet nutritional supplements!"

PET&BIO is a Company that holds companion animals' health as the top priority. We have know-how on manufacturing technology of pet nutritional supplements through research and development of pets and ingredients. PET&BIO Company and NUTRI+GEN will do our best to be a Global Brand representing Korea's Pet supplies market.

1. Core Principle : All products of Pet and Bio are manufactured based on the 3 core values.



Principle No.1. NON – GMO, FAT, CHEMICAL: No use of harmful substances.

Principle No.2. Natural - Natural – Mainly using natural substances and extracts.

Principle No.3. Nutritional - Using the most fit and the best quality nutrients for companion animals.

- Company Vision : The No.1 company specially for nutritional supplements for companion animals.

- Management Target : Improvement of health and extension of life of companion animals in the world /
                                         Education of Experts / Social Contribution.

- Management Policy : Quality-oriented development only for the health of companion animals /
                                         Reinforcement of Substantiality and Capability / Innovation of System.

- Growth Strategy : World-first Quality / Expansion of Market to the World / Human Resource Development of Education.

2. Company History

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